Lovisa Wattman

Lovisa Wattman has been active as a designer since her master's degree from Konstfack's Industrial Design in 1995. First, as a designer at Höganäs Keramik and BodaNova, and since 1999 as a freelancer. She has been involved in long co-operations with several Swedish companies, including IKEA and Iris Hantverk.

The long term is important to the design; both in terms of product function, durability and shape. Lovisa's own approach to consumption is characterized by the fact that the products you choose will last for a long time, and that the form of the product will be appreciated during that whole time.

How things are to be used and managed will be the starting point in the design, functions are turned into beautiful form.

In the process with the Iris Hantverk range is the challenge to design products with a long lifespan in both material and form.

Iris Hantverk Mushroom Knife
Kitchen Utensils
265 kr
Iris Hantverk Soap Dish
Soap Dish
70 kr
Iris Hantverk Set Of Table Brush 03
Set Of Table Brush
330 kr
Iris Hantverk Face Brush
Facial Massage
190 kr
Iris Hantverk Nail Brush Lovisa
Hand Care
160 kr
Iris Hantverk Wash Drier
850 kr
Iris Hantverk Clothes Brush
Garment Care
220 kr
Iris Hantverk Face brush
Facial massage
250 kr
Iris Hantverk Toilet Brush Refill
Toilet Brush
185 kr
Iris Hantverk Baker Brush
180 kr
Iris Hantverk Face Brush
Facial Massage
190 kr
Iris Hantverk Nail Brush Lovisa
Hand Care
140 kr
Iris Hantverk Toilet Brush Grey Cup
Toilet Brush
510 kr
Iris Hantverk Pastry Brush
120 kr
Iris Hantverk Bathroom mat 42x65 cm
Bathroom mat
675 kr
Iris Hantverk Glass Brush
235 kr
Iris Hantverk Shoe Care Box
Shoe Care
595 kr
Iris Hantverk Bath Brush Lovisa
Body Care
195 kr
Iris Hantverk Shaving brush
430 kr
Iris Hantverk Soap Dish Oval
Soap Dish
260 kr
Iris Hantverk Pan Brush
215 kr
Iris Hantverk Pocket Clothes Brush
Garment Care
120 kr
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